Looking Forward to Brighter Days, North Louisiana Plants Seeds of Hope in Preparation for the 2020 Sunflower Trail & Festival

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In the summer months, the sun rays are more distinct, the birds sing a bit louder, and Highway 3049 north transforms into a path of golden blossoms. It is the Boom or Bust Byway’s natural way of welcoming the annual Sunflower Trail and Festival, slated for June 20, 2020. This vibrant celebration is known to attract nationwide travelers into the heart of Gilliam, Louisiana.

Preparation for this festival is only possible due to the joint effort of the rural community. Locals that live, work, or own property along the sunflower trail have participated in this event for more than 20 years. They plant sunflowers in areas as small as patches and as large as acres. Planting sunflower seeds serves a deeper purpose this year, and I’m honored to be part of it all.

“Due to the recent COVID-19 mandates, the ability to gather has been diminished tremendously,” said Karen Logan, Sunflower Trail & Festival event organizer. “Right now, we still plan to have the festival, but that could change any day. However, we’ve given our residents and visitors something to look forward to, and that’s fields of tall, bright sunflowers.”

Even if the festival doesn’t happen, driving the sunflower trail is definitely bucket-list worthy. From mid-June through early July, the Boom or Bust Byway transforms into a wide, golden field of sunflowers. It’s arguably the most Instagrammable spot along the route. The sunflower trail consists of a 20-mile drive along the Boom or Bust Byway’s countryside on Hwy 3049 north between Shreveport and Gilliam and on the Sentell Road Loop.

For more information about the 2020 Sunflower Trail and Festival, visit their Facebook page or website. If you’re seeking a lengthier road trip, drive the full Boom or Bust Byway route, which is 136 miles across four parishes: Caddo, Bossier, Webster, and Claiborne. It gets better – you can download the Boom or Bust Byway app for a GPS-navigated adventure! Available now on Google Play and Apple Store. Stay up-to-date with more byway fun by following our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

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