Reserve an Exclusive, Romantic Dinner in Belcher for Valentine’s Day


About 25 minutes outside of Shreveport-Bossier, lies Belcher. Belcher is one of the smallest towns on the Boom or Bust Byway with a long history of crop development and an estimated population of 263 people. The historical value resting in this town’s countryside significantly contributes to the byway’s story. It is buried deep in busted farmland that was once booming in growth and gross. However, The Lynn Plantation Home, located at 11569 Highway 3049, is repurposing its long history in a way that welcomes all guests, couples, groups and parties to create memorable experiences long after they leave the property.

The Lynn Plantation Home effortlessly blends preserved history and modern décor in a way that upholds the historical value while never neglecting the painful past. The home primarily operates as a venue space for weddings, receptions, baby showers, tea parties, birthday celebrations, banquets, brunch meetings, and now, romantic dining experiences.

Driving up to this two-story, plantation home was a new experience for me as an African American millennial. Never being intrigued by homes that held the raw history of a fully functioning plantation, I entered The Lynn with an open mind and left with a full stomach and experience. I was immediately greeted by the event organizer and the home owner upon arrival.

My first step through the front door welcomed me into an open space leading toward a wooden staircase with a vibrant sun-room on the left and an elegant dining room on the right. Approaching the dining room, I was taken aback by the romantic ambiance and pristine dinner presentation. There were two stylish dining chairs in a low-lit setting on either side of the table, which held a deluxe, three-course dinner amid soft romantic music floating through my ears. Next to my seat was a tall stand that held a bottle of champagne resting on ice. My anticipation and appetite for this dinner was overflowing.

My meal was prepared by the in-house chef and Lynn Plantation Home owner, Steve Campbell. I began with a fresh, spinach salad topped with quality prosciutto slices and juicy cantaloupe morsels dressed with a homemade red wine vinaigrette that was dripping with exclusive taste. The sweetness of the cantaloupe perfectly toyed with the flavors of the prosciutto and greens.

Completely impressed by the starter salad, I moved on to the second course, an entrée of pan seared lamb chops and sweet potato stacks resting in a caramelized walnut yam sauce. I could not conjure up a plate of food more delightful than this. The meal was sensational for many reasons especially the bright colors and plating technique. As a foodie and adventurer, I was enthralled to try lamb for the very first time. Let’s just say that I fell into a pool of sweet potatoes and swam like Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps but surfaced only to take a bite of those lamb chops and sip the chilled champagne. So freeeeeakin’ delicious!

For dessert, I was served a hefty slice of orange cream cake intended for two but devoured by one. Sorry, not sorry. The layered dessert rested on a glass cake stand with subtle complementary flowers. This moist square of scrumptiousness was the perfect conclusion to my dining experience. Another win for presentation and flavor for Lynn Plantation and Events. To reserve a dinner for two at the Lynn Plantation Home, email Lynn Plantation Events at or visit their Facebook page at

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