Antiques & Art on Main: Great One-Stop-Shop


Before walking into Antiques & Art on Main, I didn’t know that items 20- to- 99-years-old are considered vintage, and items more than 100- years old are deemed an antique. You can find both in bulk at Antiques & Art on Main in Minden located at 700 Main Street. The store was formerly operated as People’s Bank in the late 1990s, which adds to the overall experience of searching for historic keepsakes stashed on three floors from 14 different vendors.

Many of the rooms are themed. Some rooms feature an oriental ambiance, English and French styles, a ‘70s kitchen, a dated bar room, mid-century modern bedroom styles, and more. As you enter each room, you feel like you’ve experienced time travel to various eras.

This is the perfect one-stop-shop for anyone looking to purchase bedroom and bathroom décor, cookware, dishes, books, bedding, wedding gowns, industrial pieces, crystal, paintings, records, magazines, mirrors and more.

“Some of the most popular pieces include Pyrex cookware, quilts, milk glass, iron stone dishes, chalk paint, fine china, and those timeless Coca-Cola pieces that everyone loves,” said Tess Kemp-Lee, part owner of Antiques & Art on Main. “Our vendors are so creative and produce their own pieces. One vendor produces motion-detected chandeliers from old bedsprings, mason jars, and window frames.”

After spending an hour or so in and out of the thematic rooms, I was impressed with the endless possibilities for gift giving. I started with myself. I kept eyeing this cupcake holder, and I just couldn’t resist the urge to purchase it. It was all-white with a unique swirl-like design, and it worked perfectly with the 70’s kitchen table display. I had to make it mine! My personal kitchen is very modern, but this handmade cupcake holder would be just the flawless touch that my counter needed. I had to have it.

You may find that same urge within yourself when you witness the well-kept items inside of the shop. The shop is both an adventure in time and a learning experience because Tess shares the history and significance of each item in the shop. To learn more about the antique shop like them on Facebook or visit the website or call 318-602-0278.

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