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The Boom or Bust Byway is defined by the Texas/Louisiana border, just like me! My childhood is deep-rooted in Texas values, and my adulthood has been shaped by Louisiana’s Other Side. I’m originally from Nacogodoches, Texas, but at age 18, I left home to study mass communications at Louisiana State University Shreveport. It just so happens that my cherished Lone Star stomping grounds seamlessly blend with my latest Cajun experiences. So basically, the Boom or Bust Byway is my home away from both homes.

There are so many hidden treasures along the byway, but the savory food, vibrant sunsets, historical value, and wholesome people are what motivate me to tear down that highway in pursuit of my next adventure. There’s an opportunity for everyone to discover their new favorite dish, museum, outdoor activity, festival, and so much more. I’m a living witness.

I’ve eaten homemade meals at byway restaurants that bring nostalgic memories of my grandmother’s cooking. I can just see her now…rinsing loads of fresh vegetables in the sink, frying thick pork chops to crispy perfection and adding that last vanilla wafer to the banana pudding. Is your stomach growling too?

Another huge part of the byway is its rich history. There are artifacts inside of museums that showcase the long history of the fluctuating industries and detailed landmark posts. These spots always seem to wake an overwhelming sense of gratitude inside of me. The museum directors are pleasant and knowledgeable with so much family history to share. It’s just refreshing to learn all about the downhome, resilient locals along the Boom or Bust Byway while also creating a newfound humility within yourself.

From my personal experience, the byway is the ultimate getaway. Get away from the city’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. Get away from flavorless, frozen fast food. Get away from obnoxious noises and hidden skies. Plan a road trip, and experience it for yourself or with friends and family! The Boom or Bust Byway app makes it so easy to do.

Be sure to catch a photo of the beautiful sunsets that I mentioned! In the meantime, get a glimpse of how I explore the byway, my way.